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Scotland's Garden Scheme Open Day at Schoolhouse Flowers

Mike and Annie Thompson would like to say a huge thank you to all those volunteers who generously gave up their time yesterday to help out with the SGS Open Day at the Schoolhouse and to all those that visited the garden, your kind words of encouragement mean a lot to us.

We are delighted to announce that the grand total raised from yesterday was £1,321.00.

Gate Sales - £630 (over 150 visitors)

Plant Sales - £262 (including plants, sweet peas and bug hotels!)

Tea Sales - £429

60% (£792.60) of the proceeds go to our chosen charity, Skirling Village Hall, and the remaining 40% to the SGS beneficiaries:  Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centres, the Queen’s Nursing Institute Scotland, The Gardens Fund of the National Trust for Scotland and Perennial.

Thank you all again.

Mike and Annie




The Skirling Honeybees' Story Continues

The two colonies of Skirling honeybees have been enjoying the weather, busy collecting pollen and one colony has already started producing honey. The other colony has been a bit rash in replacing their queen!

Hive visits will follow soon.

Click here for the latest newsletter and contact details.




Raising Funds for Cancer Research UK

A fantastic total of £265.18 was collected in the door to door collection for CRUK in & around Skirling.

A huge thanks to all who contributed!



Skirling Village Hall

9.30am to 11.30am


Skirling Toddler Group

Skirling's toddler group has moved to Monday mornings in Skirling village hall. Click here for more information.


28th April

Skirling Village Hall

7.30pm to 9.30pm


Badminton & Table Tennis Evening

Badminton and table tennis evenings for high school aged kids and adults returns on Sunday the 28th April. This will continue to run fortnightly.

£1 for children and £2 for adults, most kit provided, but please bring your badminton racket if you have one!


5th May

Skirling Village Hall



Skirling Poetry Circle

The Skirling Poetry Circle will be meeting next on Sunday 5th May, for the for the reading, writing and general enjoyment of poetry.

Please come along and bring a favourite poem that you have written or read - all welcome!

Any questions, please contact Gavin Mitchell on 07964 667781 or Chris Burn on 07814 074453, or send an email to

Skirling Poetry Circle


The British Legion Poppy Collection


The Royal British Legion Poppy Collection

This year a grand total of £295.33 was raised for the Poppy Fund in Skirling, £10 more than last year.

Thank you to everyone who contributed and to Ian Storie, who has been collecting for the fund for 20 years.



Skirling in the 1920s



Historic Skirling

The Clarkson family provided some fascinating documents about, and photos of, events in Skirling in the 1920s - these include the Skirling War Memorial Dedication in 1920 and the Skirling Reading Room & Recreation Club Report from 1927-28, which includes the agreement to build a new village hall and details about a fete held to support its funding. To read the documents, please click on the links below:

Skirling War Memorial Dedication | Skirling RR&R Club Report 1927-28

To see the photos, please visit the gallery.


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